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    Aldi – Till Master



    Having opened their first Australian store in 2001, Aldi Supermarkets have quickly blossomed into one of Australia’s top retailers, with the company now operating over 500 stores and employing over 12,000 staff nationwide. Such rapid growth resulted in the need to quickly and cost effectively onboard staff, without sacrificing the low prices and high levels of service for which the supermarket chain is known.
    Aldi identified training for the position of Till Operator to be a particular pain point in this process, with new team members having to spend extended periods of time observing the role being performed to become familiar with the tasks required. This training method was not only a costly one for Aldi, it also failed to replicate the efficiency and accuracy the learner would require when carrying out the role themselves. This lack of experience led to an initial period of poor performance in the position and in turn, a negative experience for both the customer and the new team member.



    In 2014 Aldi partnered with MindAtlas in search of a solution that would enable trainee Till Operators to become experts in the role before setting foot on the shop floor, ensuring they were confident in the position from their first shift.


    To achieve this, MindAtlas’ bespoke development team designed and constructed an interactive simulation of the Aldi checkout process titled, ‘Till Master’. The software simulation stepped the learner through the checkout process as it would be completed on the shop floor, from entering login details, to scanning products, processing payments, and calculating change. This provided the new operator with a safe place to become familiar with the system, without the pressure of real customers or transactions.
    MindAtlas leveraged a structured learning approach with the complexity of tasks increasing as the learner progressed through the program, ensuring they developed a sound understanding of the fundamentals of the role before progressing to the more difficult tasks.

    To reinforce and ensure retention of learnt principles, MindAtlas utilised a gamification learning method at the summary of the training program, with learners being challenged to complete as many transactions as they could within the time provided, replicating the environment when performing the role.

    Scores were assigned to learners based on the number and quality of the transactions completed – creating competition to be the highest performer amongst colleagues and boosting engagement with the module.
    The implementation of the Till Master system was a great success, reducing training times, boosting staff confidence and performance and helping to nurture the Aldi Team working to further cement the organisation’s position as one of Australia leading retailers.